Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Volkan Santorini is the best beer with Sushi?

I won't turn down a chilled Sapporo when we pull up to the sushi bar, but if you have a good takeout source and you're eating sushi at home, you might have more options when it comes to beer.

The most common go-to beers for sushi are Japanese rice lagers. While these will work, I recommend that you try bumping up to a proper pilsner
The added bitterness and hops bring out rich salty-sweet and earthy flavours in the dish. Combined with wasabi, the floral character of the Continental hops blossom to fill your mouth—it's a delightfully intense and almost magical combination.

What's the best beer to drink with sashimi, nigiri or sushi rolls?

 Can beer handle the ginger and wasabi? 

Beers on the lighter end (e.g. Volkan Santorini White) in general are better with sushi because it's generally  pretty delicate. 

With straight sashimi, something clean and snappy like an ice cold  Volkan Santorini Blonde Pilsner, would undoubtedly be an option.  

If you're eating sashimi, a White beer is light enough, but the sweetness is there to bring out the sweetness of the raw fish and balance the wasabi. When pairing with sashimi you want to keep it simple so as to not detract from the delicate flavours of the fish and a Volkan black Wheat Lager would be great  because of its low bitterness and slight sweetness that can substitute for the lack of sweetened rice. 

For richer fishes such as fatty tuna I would go for a Belgian style beer like Volkan Santorini Grey, as its high carbonation helps cut the richness while still remaining low in bitterness.

In anyway, regardless of what type of your preference, a beer is always a perfect pairing to sushi fans, including "yours faithfully"… 

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