Tuesday, 23 July 2013


      The spread of Volkan Superior Santorini Beers' sales in the global markets is growing at an admittedly impressive rate and wherever they have been introduced were immediately accepted.
       It is no coincidence that in just a few months, in some of the world's biggest beer markets, Volkan has already been accepted with a great success; countries with a long culture in the brewing industry such as Canada, Belgium, Australia, Holland, Czech Republic & Germany are now parts of our world distribution network; quite soon U.S.A. will follow as well as the U.K., Denmark, Sweden, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Japan, China & Cyprus.
       We are so proud to be the very  first microbrewery from Greece to be present in such a wide network and give the chance to the numerous beer lovers around the world to enjoy this unique product of the "blessed" Santorinian land... 
      For more information on your closest  Volkan Beer importer & distributor, you may directly contact us at : dseitanidis@gmail.com
Visit our official website to be initiated to the wonders of our Superior Santorini beers :


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