Friday, 5 July 2013

The optimum summer feast....

To live the optimum summer feast, firstly.... you may pick a nice Restaurant or a traditional Taverna by the seashore on your nearest Greek Island (we have hundreds of them waiting for you)...
(.....where is that waiter?)
Start with the notorious Greek Salad (Horiatiki)...with loads of onions!!

Santorini Fava beans will warm you up...(still loads of onions, capers extra virgin olive oil and lemon)!!

Mydopilafo (Mussels with rice) is the  Greek "yummy" answer to those... ...Italian"risottos"

Htapodaki sta karvouna (Grilled Octopus) for the "Connoisseurs"...

Who can resist to....Kolokythakia tiganita me tzatziki ( fried zucchini with yogurt & garlic sauce) ??

...and Kalamarakia tiganita (fried kalamari) for the young sters and the elders !!!

Patates sto fourno (potatoes in the oven )...the Greek delicious "antidote" to French fries

Saganaki (Fried Feta cheese)....NO, it's not Japanese; it's totally Greek !!
Tzatziki (once again...because one tzatziki is never enough)!!
Gavros tiganitos (fried Anchovies) and... "Bring me those Spanish" !!
Your favorite Greek white wine (either the traditional Retsina or a fresh Moschofilero, a crispy Assyrtico, even  a seductive Malagouzia could really make the difference!)
Your Favorite refreshing Greek ''Just lovely"!!
and the optimum summer feast is almost complete...

(...where is that blondie??)

For those who are stayin at home this summer, there's always the nearest Greek Restaurant to serve the purpose...

You may send us your location to and we will give you the coordinates of your nearest Greek restaurant !!

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