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Volkan superior Santorini beers meet Mexico (Cervezas superiores Volkan de Santorini se encuentran México)

Volkan superior Santorini beers meet Mexico 
(Cervezas superiores Volkan de Santorini se encuentran México) 

Most of us thinking of Mexican food as the perfect match to Pale Mexican lagers and sometimes just feel right with it and besides, that's about all your local "taqueria" sells anyway.

But what if you're doing takeout or cooking Mexican food at home? Coronas, Pacificos, and Tecates can be the obvious choice, but other beers can offer some serious beer pairing satisfaction. Just like a well-made sauce can improve a dish, a well-paired beer can make any meal just a bit more awesome.

The selection of Volkan Superior Santorini Beers - either the Blonde Pilsner, the Black wheat Lager or the Wheat White (Belgian witbier style) and the Grey (Belgian witbier style with a touch of Bergamot orange) somehow seem like a quite interesting option, given their unique brewing method by using - among other "secrets" - a Lavarock™ Filter which is a proprietary technology Volkan developed for conditioning the brewing water. It re-creates how Santorini’s groundwater may have tasted thousands of years ago. The Lavarock™ Filter uses real volcanic rocks (basalt) formed from the Santorini eruption of 1500 BCE, rich with potassium and other minerals, to lay the foundation for a complex, flavourful brew.

One thing that defines Mexican food is that it is so often bright, vibrant and lively, never afraid of acidity and piquant herbs. It's a cuisine filled with beautifully refreshing dishes. I'm thinking of a plate of ceviche or coctele de camarones, packed with fresh seafood and sour citrus juice, sharp cilantro, and juicy tomatoes—just the thing to enjoy on a hot day; Or these killer tacos with marinated hearts of palm, tangy and spicy salsa verde, and fresh herbs.

These lively dishes need a beer that won't dampen their brightness. Here's where the easy-going Volkan Santorini Blonde Pilsner would be most appropriate.

If you're looking for a pairing that brings a little something extra to the table, you'll want a beer with the power to fight back a bit and you don't want to risk weighing down your dish. Grab yourself a Volkan Santorini White (witbier style) or a Volkan Santorini Grey . These beers have brightness, but can hold their own enough to produce a balanced pairing. They can taste a bit sweet, which helps to soften the acidity of lime juice and ease the fire brought on by chilli pepper. Citrus and banana-like flavors of it nicely complement the flavor profile found in these foods.

Carnitas, tacos al pastor & fajitas all demand a beer with a bit more heft to stand up to their glorious fattiness—less potent beers can taste comparatively flavourless in the face of these meaty dishes. A Volkan Black Wheat Lager would be really good when you're pairing beer with these rich, crispy dishes. It has a caramelized or toasty malt flavour that will find a connection with the browned meats incorporated in these dishes and will have enough body to stand up to richness. A Dark lager such as Volkan Black tend to offer a bit of malty density to tame spiciness that makes for an ultra-savoury recollection of the flames that may have cooked your meat.

We could write endless piles of different food pairings & suggestions, yet - whether of you are in to a Crisp, Fatty, or even a Spicy Mexican dish - just choose one of our four types of Volkan beers and make your tonight’s friends & family gathering " una sorpresa reales"!!

The choice is definitely yours.

Bon Appetite !!

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