Wednesday, 1 May 2013


Beginning of  May, the weather for the past few days shows that Summer's at the gates and I feel that it's the right time to give you a simple guide Greek Summer wines & Beers (why not?)
While there is no distinct category of wine ascribed for summer consumption, there are many examples that accentuate the food and weather typical of the hottest time of year.
A good wine is always a good wine, regardless of price, year or country of origin.

I hate it when a restaurant sommelier refuses to recommend an affordable bottle to complement a meal, adopting an air of superiority when he could never tell the difference between basic table wine and a glass of vintage Bordeaux in a blindfold taste test.The point is that wine is for everyone to enjoy, whether you obsess over it or not.

Although seasonal guides to wine are few and far between, summer is the perfect time to try out that new corkscrew of yours.
Many of us associate the season with cold beer too and I know I always love to pound a brew or two when I kick it on the stoop on a lazy Sunday afternoon. The traditional thirst quencher is a fine partner to the smoke, tang and sweet flavor of barbecue sauce.
For the Beer lovers, this Summer's  choice - at least to my taste -  would be the unique Volkan Beer from the notorious island of Santorini ( ) available  in two versions, a Blond Pilsner and a Black Lager.
 ...A good bottle of wine though could prove to be a very refreshing liquid you serve on the patio, whether you baste your meat on the grill or opt for a subtle approach.

The following are examples of  Greek wines that I propose you to enjoy during this summer..., for the guys to impress the ladies with some really good stuff and for the ladies to be impressed...
  • Greek Whites of either indigenous grapes such as Moschofilero (reminds me of a Riesling or a Pinot Grigio, it is light, often low in alcohol and can serve as a complement to a decadent, rich meal or a simple fresh green salad, Assyrtico (ideal complement to haute cuisine, fish, seafood and surprisingly, even meat dishes) & Malagouzia (an exquisite match to greens, salads and even artichokes, a famous “wine killer”)  or even international grapes such as Chardonnay ( The most popular dry white wine today is still a favorite of mine because it can adapt to many flavors. A chilled glass on a summer evening is a great way to complement a simple dish of lemon pepper chicken on the grill and fettuccine tossed with a lusty tomato sauce).

  •  Tart and fruit, Greek Rosés are the ultimate cold lunch and picnic wine. For your summer evening meal of grilled fish or a Mediterranean seafood stew, Rosé is always a fine choice.

  • Greek Reds of either indigenous grapes such as a fresh Agiorgitiko (an easy drinking wine with the fresh aromas of red fruits is exceptionally food-friendly and match with a wide range of cuisines and occasions) or my favorite Syrah, known for its spicy blackberry, plum, and peppery flavors it is amazingly good even with fish, especially when blended with Viognier.



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