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Agiorgitiko: The etymology of the name is the variety which comes from the town of St. George which today is called Nemea. A grape unique to this area and southern Greece's best. As its attributes change with the altitude, the styles and character vary. The young wines have a fruity nose to them and if they are barrel aged a rich bouquet and full body is unveiled.
Kotsifali: The variety is unique to Archanes and Peza. Due to its sweetness and lack of color it is blended with the Mandilaria variety.
Krasato: It is part of the A.O. Rapsani in Thessaly and is an indigenous variety.
Liatiko: This variety was the base for the sweet wine Malvazia. Today it is cultivated in central and eastern Crete and the Cyclades and produces the A.O. Dafnes and Sitia. Its name is probably derived from the Greek word for the month of July, when these grapes ripen.
Limnio: A variety which dates back to ancient Greece and is native to the island of Limnos where it is referred to as Kalambaki. It is also cultivated in Chalkidiki and is the backbone for the A.O. Playies Melitona. It produces a deep color with distinct varietal aromas.
Mandilaria: A fairly common variety on the Aegean islands and Crete. It is part of the A.O. Paros, Archanes, Peza and solely responsible for the A.O. Rhodes, where it is also called Amorgiano.
Mavrodaphne: A unique variety to Achaia and Cephalonia that produces sweet wines which are usually barrel aged for many years.
Messenikola: This variety is grown in the area bearing the same name in Thessaly. The A.O. Messenikola was established in 1994.
Negoska: It is the lesser part of the A.O. Goumenissa, and lowers Xynomavro's acidity and tannins when vinified together.
Stavroto: It is the third variety of A.O. Rapsani and is also called ambelakiotiko.
Sykiotis: It comprises about 10% of Anhialos wine grape cultivations and produces a dry wine.
Xinomavro: As with Agiorgitiko, this variety is considered Greece's best. It produces A.O. Naoussa and Amindeo and is the backbone to A.O. Goumenissa and Rapsani. Barrel aging improves its quality and the wines are of high acidity, bright color and rich aromas.
Other red varieties grown in Greece and the rest of the world are: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Grenache Rouge, Refosco, Merlot, Sangiovese and Syrah. Cabernet Sauvignon is probably the wine with the most distinct varietal aroma and deserves oak barrels to age in. The Grenache variety has a high alcohol potential. Refosco can be found in the western Peloponnese and has a ruby color.
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