Monday, 30 July 2012

Sea Bass from the Aegean with Greek Chardonnays

Summer in Greece &  seafood is at its best; one can easily enjoy - without necessarily spending a fortune -  really fresh fish such as Sea Bass (lavraki) -  which is actually my favorite - especially when I have a bottle of a Greek Chardonnay - either as a monovarietal or blended with an indigenous grape to accompany it !!

 Lavraki (seabass) on the grill
 Lavraki (seabass) with corn
 Lavraki (seabass) with balsamico
Lavraki with tagliatelle

...and here's a shortlist of my favorite Greek Chardonnays

100% Chardonnay by Nico Lazaridi (in stainless steel tanks)

100% Chardonnay by Spyros Lafazanis  (aged in oak )

Chardonnay blended with Malagouzia by George Karelas


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