Friday, 17 September 2010 (Greek wines in UK)

Macis Tzechilidis, Managing Director of Salonica Wines Ltd is a Greek National living in the UK. Originally from Salonica, Macis has managed and worked in many restaurants throughout Greece and the Islands. Here in the UK where he has now settled, he enjoys an association with several Greek Speciality Restaurants and has become increasingly aware that many fine wines from Greece are disappearing from restaurant menus. This is mostly due to a lack of credible suppliers not knowledgeable in reliably scourcing some of the finest wines from Greece at affordable prices.
Our imported Greek wines at reasonable prices and will allow your clientele to find out about some of the most acclaimed wines from the most important wine producing areas in Greece and the Greek Islands.
Salonica Wines  are exclusive importers of Robola wine as well as of RAPSANI A.O.C dry red wine from the slopes of the notorious Mount Olympus!!

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